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Validation is a very powerful tool to have but should be used with caution since it is changing the data from the sensor directly.


Validation of future data is set up through the VDV interface.

Navigate through Setup -> Validation

The Validation setup menu will open up showing all the Sites in the system, click on the edit button to the right to set up

The Validation setup where the user can activate which variables to validate, select the validation method to use, set the Limits along with the Gap size, and click Save.

Validation Method

There are 3 different Validation methods that can be used.

Last Legal Value: Replaces validated values with the last legal value.

Linear Interpolation: Does a Linear Interpolation over the gap that is validated.

Replace Validated Values with NULL: This method replaces validated values with NULLresulting in a gap in the graph when plotted


Select a lower and upper limit for each variable, the default Lower Limit is -6000 and the default Upper Limit is 6000. The Min and Max value for each variable is displayed to give a better understanding of the data already in the database.

Gap Size

Gap Size is an important variable. When VDV validates data it first checks if the value is within the legal data range, if it is not within the legal limit it next checks if the number of consecutive values out of the legal data range are lower or equal to the Gap Size, if they are lower or equal to the gap size then the values are changed to the last legal value before, else no action is performed.

Manual Validation

Manual Validation is used when correcting data in the past for a set time period, this is done through db.robot.c

Navigat to Db.robot.c -> edit -> Validation

Db.robot.c -> edit -> Validation -> General Configuration

Start with General Configuration of the Validation, Activate the Validation and select the interval between Validations.

Next go to Site Setup to setup the Site-specific Validation

db.robot.c -> edit -> Validation -> Site Setup

Select the Variables that need active Validation by marking them as active on the left side of the variable name.

Set the Upper and Lower Limit and choose the Gap Size.

Next start the Manual Validation by navigating through db.robot.c -> edit -> Validation -> Manual Validation

Select what Site you wish to Validate from the drop-down list and the time period you want to Validate and click start.

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