How to extend VDV Timeout

Ragnar Tryggvason Updated by Ragnar Tryggvason

Timeout in VDV occur when the request takes longer time than the system is configured for.

  1. Open IIS and open the FastCGI Settings.
  2. Double-click on the Vista Data Vision settings.
  3. Increase the Activity Timeout.
  4. Open C:\Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\php-7.4.24\php.ini in a text editor.
  5. Change max_execution_time to the same value as the Activity Timeout.
    1. If downloads are substantial and prone to timeouts, increasing the Memory_Limit in the php.ini can help. Save and close the php.ini (skip step 6).
    1. Then go to IIS -> Request filtering and Edit Feature Settings... on the right side.
    2. Increase the Maximum allowed content length (Bytes).

  1. Save php.ini
  2. Restart IIS

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