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Data Source Geokon allows users to import data into VDV using the Geokon API service directly.


Navigate to Data Source -> Geokon on the left-hand side menu in VDV.

To create a new project, click on the + icon in the top right corner.

Insert the API key and click Connect to check the connection to the server. By clicking Continue, the Logger menu will open up.

Use the checkmarks to select what loggers to import and what channels and variables to import within each logger.

Add Units to the Variables with the Unit Selector by clicking Select.

Add Alias names if needed and click Next.

Review the information and click Save.

The Project will appear in the Project list under Data Source -> Geokon.

To edit the Project, click the edit button on the right side of the Project. In the same place, it is also possible to delete the project.

Once the project has been configured, VDV will import all data from the project. Each data logger (Node) in the project will be created as a Site in VDV.

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