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Using the web interface, users can quickly create project reports. The user can customize the report by choosing different components to include in the report.

The report wizard can significantly reduce the time it takes to create project reports that are then handed to the end client.

Reports can be created on the fly from the web interface or created automatically on a schedule and sent to a contact group. 

Storing report templates 

It is possible to save multiple report templates for a project.

All saved reports for a project are shown in the list on the right side. Click on a report name to load the template settings. It is possible to update a report or create new reports.

A report can, for example, have two report templates that are generated on a schedule, where the first might be generated every week and contain a report for the previous week. The second might be generated every month and contain a report for the previous month.

Title Page & Introduction

The user can choose to have a title page for the report, and the contents of the title page can be customized.

The report can contain an introduction. It can have 3 sections: project description, project photos, and project map.

Histogram Data (Time Series)

The report can include the Histogram/Background data.

If the project contains multiple units, each unit can be shown on a separate page.


Event Data can be added to the report in several different ways. It is possible to include all events for the report period or only for specific events.

The event data can be shown as a time series plot or a single-page compliance report.

Report Period

The report can include all the project data or a specific time period.

The user can select a specific start and stop date for the report period.


Generate Report on a schedule

It is possible to save a report configuration and create it on a schedule. The report can be sent automatically to a list of contacts.

  • Schedule: Select if the report should be generated automatically.
  • Contact Groups: Select the contact group to email the report to.
  • Run Task Every: Select if the report should be generated every day/week/month.
  • Starting Hour: Select the time of day when the report should be generated (0-23). With week reports, it is possible to select the weekday when the report should be generated.
  • Include: Select the time period to include in the report.
  • Email Subject: Text used if the report is automatically sent with an email.
  • Message: Text used in the message body if the report is automatically sent with an email.
    Both Email Subject and Message can include the following template variables: $PROJECT_NAME$, $NOW$, $REPORT_PERIOD$, $REPORT_TITLE$

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