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VDV has a useful Site Map feature which can give you a birds eye view of the status for all of your sites, if configured.

Configuring Site Map

To configure a site to be included for the Site Map you will first have to go into Setup -> Site and choose your Site Type and GPS coordinates.

You can configure Site types and the base map for Site Map by going into Setup->Site and clicking the Type Setup button.

Here you can define your types and select your Base Map. Base Maps are defined in Setup->GIS->Base Maps.

Using Site Map

To use Site Map you can either go into Setup->Site Map or into the left view pane and select the Site Map option there.

Once in Site Map, you can click the site you want to observe or change and click the relevant options for what you want to do.

In the upper right corner of the map you can filter the Types, search site names and show only sites with active alarms.

The alarm status of sites are color-coded.

Blue is normal state, so no alarms.

Purple is an update alarm.

Yellow is a low or high alarm.

Red is a lowlow or highhigh alarm.

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