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API's are a powerful tool that allow developers to fetch site info and data directly from VDV.

Create API access token

Go to Setup > API. 

Click + button in the top right corner to create a new API token.

  • Select the License to use with the API.
  • Choose a Name, Localization and enter an Description (optimal)
  • Select the Project and then Sites that the API should have access to.

When saved, a window containing the Token will appear.

Copy the secret token. For the clients security, The token will not be able to be retrieved again after this step.

Using the API access token

Link to the api documentation: http://apidocs.vistadatavision.com/

The token is used as a basic Authorization Bearer token.

The URL to the API is: <localVdvUrl>/api.php/v1/<requestName>

Example get sites request for the VDV system https://demo.vdvcloud.com/vdv.php/ would be: https://demo.vdvcloud.com/api.php/v1/sites

Note, the maximum requests made per minute is 200.

Example using Postman

/GET request: https://demo.vdvcloud.com/api.php/v1/sites

Header: Authorization: Bearer <Token>

Returns the id's and names of all available sites for the Access token.

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