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Bulk alarms are used when the intention is to assign the same alarm limits to multiple variables. This will also link all the variables to the same Alarm so if one variable triggers the alarm threshold the whole alarm will be triggered.


To configure a Bulk Alarm navigate to Setup -> Bulk Alarm.

A list of all the current Bulk Alarms in the system will show up.

Alarm Types

Select Alarm Types in the top right corner

It is possible to edit both the rank of the alarm types as well as the alarm colors by selecting the edit button behind each alarm.

Give the Alarm type a new name, assign an owner, rank, and color and click save.

Switch back to Bulk Alarms by selecting Bulk Alarm in the top right corner.

Adding a new Bulk Alarm

Navigate to the Bulk Alarm from Setup -> Bulk Alarm

Select the + symbol in the top

On the left-hand side of the screen, the main Bulk Alarm setup will show up, Select if the Alarm should be Time dependant or to use Skip of Alarms.

Give the Bulk Alarm a name, assign a contact group, time, choose the time interval the alarm should be repeated on and if there should be a time delay to the alarm. It is also possible to add a description to the alarm on the box on the bottom.

Adding Limits

On the right side of the screen, the limits can be assigned as well as variables added to the alarm.

To add limits to the Bulk Alarm click on the + sign

Alarm limits will be added to the box

Select the prefix of the limit (>/<) assign the numerical value and choose the Alarm Type for the limit (Notice, Warning, Alarm).

Adding Variables

On the right-hand side of the screen, the Limits and the Variables can be added to the Bulk Alarm.

Bellow the Limits box is the Variable assigner

To Add alarms click on the +Variable as seen above and the VDV variable selector will open up allowing the User to filter through sites to select what variables to assign to the Bulk Alarm.

Time Dependant Bulk Alarm

To enable the Time dependant Bulk alarm the User must check the Time checkbox under Bulk Alarm setup.

If the User select to enable the time dependant Bulk Alarm the time setup can be seen under limits on the right side.

Select the Settings icon shown above to edit the Time setting.

Select the Date and time the Alarm should be active and click Update.

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