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VDV ships with a few predefined standards, but additional standards can be created within VDV. A user can be given access to create standards through an admin user.


Users can create a new standard or edit/delete an existing standard.

To create a new standard select the +New icon to the right of the Standard menu.

To edit an existing standard click on the edit button to the right and to delete a standard, select the delete button (the red X).

Setup a new standard

The graph for the standards will appear below when limits are added in for better visualization.

Configuration options

Name: The Standard name.


Auto: If the axis should have an auto-scale

Log: If the axis should be displayed as Log.

Max: The axis maximum value if auto-scale is not selected.


Name: Limit name.

XY: Limit line XY coordinates.

Line Style: Style for the limit line. Options are Solid, Dash, Long Dash, Short Dash, Dot, Short Dot.

Width: Limit line width.

Color: Limit line color.

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