Webcam import


To Access: Data Source -> Webcam

Click the button in the top-right corner to create a new import to VDV.

Creating an import

  • Enter a name for the new Webcam and select the Project.
  • Choose the Location of the webcam.
  • Type in File Prefix (Required). The import process will only match the image files that match the File Prefix.
  • Chose the image extension. The import process will only match the image files that match the extension selected.
  • Chose a time zone for the webcam (optional). All timestamps for the webcam import will be converted to the selected time zone
  • Open the folder containing the webcam images and select one of its files (click on the EYE icon to see the data file content)
  • Click Next

The preview shows the images that match the configuration in Step one. To confirm that the right images are selected.

Press Next to continue.

Update monitor

Set the update time limit for the webcam and VDV will trigger an alarm if the latest image is older then the defined time limit.

An email will be sent to the selected contact group.

This step is optional.


The final step is the Configuration overview.

If everything is correct then press Save to create the new Webcam.

Deleting images

Users can manually delete photos from Webcams under Data Source. Users can control the time period to delete photos from and also limit the delete to just certain hours within each day. This can be a good way to manually delete excess data and save space.

For example a webcam may generate new images every hour but after some time it may be sufficient to only store one image per day rather then all 24 images.

A webcam is selected from the drop down menu and a time period is selected. Information about how many images are currently selected for deletion will be displayed.

The Hour filter can optionally be enabled. Notice that the Start & Stop Hour filter can be configured to cover midnight. For example selecting Start Hour as 20 and Stop Hour as 07 will delete all images from 8 in the evening to 7 in the morning.

Deleting images requires a password confirmation.

Time period selected as well as an hour filter applied.

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