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To import old historical data into the database, it is possible to do so manually. Data Import can also update/modify the data in the database (if incorrect data has been imported). The procedure is to create a MOD file with the time period in question and import it into the database. 

MOD method can do the following

  • To import archived data.  If the current DAT file only contains recent data but DAT files containing data from previous years also exist, then the Import Data function is used to import that data into the database.
  • The data in the database is incorrect, or there are gaps in the data that need to be filled.

The MOD file can contain a maximum of 10000 records.  If you need to import more than 10000 records, then the Import Data function must be executed several times, and each time the MOD file should be updated with more data but keeping in mind the 10000 record limit.

  1. Open the .dat file, which contains the data to be imported. Open the file using a text editor (Notepad++ is recommended).
  2. Make sure that the column names are exactly the same. If the column names are not the same, then VDV will add a new column to the database table for the new column name.
  3. Delete all unnecessary readings and leave only lines that should be imported.
  4. Save the file and add MOD at the end of the file name (filename.dat -> filenameMOD.dat). Save the MOD file in the same folder as the original .dat file.
  5. Go to db.robot.c->Edit->Import data. Select the Site in question and select Start Import (there should be an X in the MOD .dat file column to indicate that a MOD file is available.

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