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Notes allows users to add and view project Notes which can be connected to a specific Site and as if required specific sensor. Notes are access controlled so users will only see Notes that belong to Sites that they have access to. 

There are 4 access levels for Notes.

Admin: User can add/edit/delete all Notes that he has access to.

Edit: User can add new Notes but only edit Notes that he/she added.

View: User can only view Notes.

No Access: No access to Notes.

Adding a new Note

Click on the + icon in top right corner (user need to have access to add new Notes).

Site: Select the Site the Note belongs to.

Variable (optional): Select the Variable the Notes is connected to.

Note type: Possible to choose from Maintenance and General Note.

Time: Select a time of the Note, optional is to add a End time of the Note.

Heading: Note heading.

Note: Note Description.

Picture: Possible is to add one Image for each Note.

Viewing Notes

  • At top the Note Date is shown and which Site it belongs to.
  • At the bottom is the Username of the person who added the Note.
  • In Top right corner users can Edit/Delete the Note if they have access to do so.

Filter Notes

It is possible to Filter Notes for specific Site/Variable. Click on the ... button in top right corner.

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