Loadsensing data is now supported directly through Data Source in VDV.

A list of supported nodes can be found at the bottom.


Go to Data Source -> Loadsensing

Add a new project by pressing the Plus sign.

Fill in your Loadsensing info and press the Connect button to load a list of Nodes. Both CMT Cloud and CMT Edge projects are supported.

Time zone will convert the data into the selected time zone

Select the Nodes and variables to import and press continue.

Select units for the metric types and press continue

Use the formula variables to automatically generate Node and Variable names for each of the Nodes and click Continue.

When editing, these formula names will only be applied to new Nodes and Variables

Confirm that the data is correct and Save

Nodes and variables can then be added and removed later on by editing Loadsensing projects.

Moving nodes between gateways

If you have moved a node from gateway 1 to gateway 2 on the Loadsensing side, then you can also move the node in VDV Loadsensing and still keep the old site and data for it.

Moving a node from gateway 1 to gateway 2 will erase all data for the node on gateway 2 but keep all data from gateway 1

You go into the setup for the old gateway

Click 'Connect'

Click 'Move Nodes'

Select the node you want to move and select the gateway it should be moved to

Click 'Move' and now it should have moved to gateway 2

Go into the setup for gateway 2 and go through the normal connection steps to get the correct naming scheme for your node

Supported nodes

Here is a list of supported nodes as of 1st of March 2024.

You can see which type of node you are using by going into the "last message" tab for your node.

You can contact VDV support if you wish to add a node type that isn't supported.

  • voltageReadingsV1
  • vibratingWireReadingsV2
  • vibratingWireReadingsV2
  • tiltReadingsV1
  • til90ReadingsV1
  • picoReadingsV1
  • laserReadingsV1
  • inclinometerReadingsV2
  • healthV2
  • geoflexReadingsV1
  • genericModbusReadingsV1

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