Data Source


Data Source Geokon allows users to directly import data into VDV using the Geokon API servers. Setup. Navigate to Data Source -> Geokon on the left-hand side menu in VDV. To create a new project clic…

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File Import

Data Source is the place for adding new data into VDV. It supports numerous structure of data such as FTP, SFTP, Local or Network drive. Also allows for a single file or incremental files.. File Form…

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Total Stations

Total Stations are powerful measurement tools allowing users to gather measurement in 3 planes. The Total Station Data Source component enables direct access to Total Station Servers and through them…

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Campell Scientific inc. loggers can be imported directly through the web interface of VDV where commands to the logger can be created as well. Configuring. Setup. To set up a new Datalogger navigate…

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The Datasource SAA component enables Measurand SAA data to be imported directly into the VDV System. VDV will handle the conversion and import the data. Configuration. Navigate to Data Source: SAA by…

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Waste Management

New Smart City Waste Management support. VDV can now manage iot smart city waste monitors. Supported features include: Automatic Data Import Alert at certain fill level Waste type categories Map overview of all locations Complete Time Series overview Pickup statistics: Number of pickups over time, average fill level at pickup time. VDV will be able to support all sensor types giving customers security that at each time the best hardware solution can be chosen for installation.

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