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To Access: Go to Menu -> GIS 

GIS Menu

In  the top-right corner users can choose different options.

  1. Markers: List of all markers on the GIS. Simple to filter out specific markers.
  2. Layers: List of all layers on the GIS. Simple to show/hide specific layers.
  3. Tools: Optional tools. Measure distance, take snapshot, create Contour plot and Show lables.
  4. Alarms: List of all Alarms
  5. Information: GIS Description which is added in the GIS setup.


When the Marker icon is clicked the a list of all Markers will be shown. 

  • Simple is to use the Filter to search for specific marker.
  • Click on the Icon of each Marker Type to Hide/Show all markers
  • Click on any Marker name to show the data


Hide/Show GIS Layers.

If Layer has been configured to allow Layer information then Users can click on a layer to show the Layer information.


Labels If activated then the Label of each marker will be shown. Possible is to show the Values as well. 

Snapshot If clicked on the Snapshop button  then a screenshot of the GIS will be saved to the user computer.

Measurement a Measurement button () will appear on the left-hand side of the screen and Users can measure distance between 2 or multiplepoints.

Select sensors Note: This works only for Variable markers.If clicked on the selection icon then the user can circle around markers that he wished to choose. 

After selecting the user can 

  • click View button to view Graph with all selected variables.
  • Click Contour to create a custom Contour plot for selected variables.
    • Choose Min, Max and Click Generate.


List of all Alarms on the GIS map will be shown and can be confirmed.

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