View GIS

To Access: Go to Menu -> GIS. GIS Menu. In the top-right corner, users can choose different options. Markers: List of all markers on the GIS. It's straightforward to filter out specific markers. Laye…

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Configure GIS

Create a new GIS. To set up a new GIS map, open the left-hand side menu in VDV and navigate to Setup -> GIS. Click on the icon in the top right corner to add a new GIS. Each GIS map needs a license t…

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Third Party Basemap Providers

To support more basemaps it is possible to use third-party services. VDV supports basemaps from Mapbox and MapTiler. To use the services it is necessary to signup for a user account at the third-part…

Andres Andresson
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Server Configuration

Allow.geojson files. In IIS it is needed to add MIME type to support.geojson files. This is needed to add layer files to the GIS. Open IIS and navigate to VDV Website. Select MIME Types. Check if.geo…

Andres Andresson
Updated 1 year ago by Andres Andresson

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