View GIS

To Access: Go to Menu -> GIS. GIS Menu. In the top-right corner, users can choose different options. Markers: List of all markers on the GIS. It's straightforward to filter out specific markers. Laye…

Andres Andresson
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Configure GIS

Create a new GIS. To set up a new GIS map, open the left-hand side menu in VDV and navigate to Setup -> GIS. Click on the icon in the top right corner to add a new GIS. Each GIS map needs a license t…

Updated 3 months ago by Brynhildur

Third-Party Base map Providers

To support more base maps in VDV, it is possible to use third-party services. VDV supports base maps from MapBox, MapTiler, WMS, WMTS, and TMS. What these maps have over the static base layers is tha…

Updated 6 months ago by Brynhildur

Server Configuration

Allow.geojson files. The IIS needs to have MIME-type support for.geojson files to add layer files to the GIS. Open IIS and navigate to the VDV website. Select MIME Types.. Check if the.geojson extens…

Andres Andresson
Updated 9 months ago by Andres Andresson

Cross Sections

Cross sections have been added as a licensed option into GIS in VDV Setup. Cross Section icon. Create a Cross-Section Icon like any other icon and enable the Cross-Section feature. Select Series Type…

Updated 7 months ago by Brynhildur

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