Project Configuration

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A web user can be given access to configure projects and create new projects.

Go to Setup -> Edit - Projects

A list of all projects the user has access to. The user can choose to create a new project or edit/delete an existing project.

General Options

Name: Project Name

Owner: The Owner (client) whom the project belongs to. Owners are created in db.robot.c or online.

Standard: The standard to use in the project.Standards are created in Configurations -> Burst Data -> Edit - Standards

Project Number: A value that can be shown in reports.

Client: Client name that can be shown in reports.

Description: Project Description that is shown with the project on the web and can also be included in reports.


Event Alarm

Event Alarm: Check if an alarm email should be sent when new events are detected. Select a Contact Group to send email to.Contacts and Contact Groups are created Online under Configurations or in db.robot.c


Background Data

Auto Reduce Data: Show data in grouped bins. For example when viewing one month of data just show the maximum value per day rather than showing all data. This greatly improves performance.

Format: Display background data values as either a column or point.

Scale: Options are either Auto Scale or Auto Scale including Levels. Auto Scale scales the graph only to the background data values, this means that the levels may not be shown.

Trigger Level: If selected the trigger level is shown on the graphs.

Threshold Level: If selected the threshold level is shown on the graphs.Threshold level is the High alarm limit for the variable. Alarms are configured online under Alarms -> Alarm Setup or in db.robot.c

Alarm Level: If selected the alarm level is shown on the graphs.Alarm level is the HighHigh alarm limit for the variable.



A webcam that has been defined in VDV can be connected to the project. The photos from the webcam can be shown with an event if the timestamp of the webcam photos is the same as the timestamp of the event +- the selected range in seconds.

Range: The user chooses the webcam range in seconds. For example a selected range value of 60 will for an event that was triggered on "2014-06-01 13:30:03" show all webcam photos that have a timestamp between "2014-06-01 13:29:03" and "2014-06-01 13:31:03".

Webcam setup is in db.web.browser -> Configure -> Web Site Setup -> Webcam Setup


Monitoring Location

A project can have one or more monitoring locations. Each monitoring location can then have one or more Units assigned to it.

A unit is assigned to a project for a specific duration. This means that when viewing the project the unit will only show data from the selected project start date for the unit and until the selected stop date.

The unit can also have a specific project unit name that can be a more descriptive name.



Photos can be added to a project. The photos can be viewed with the project and they can also be included in reports.

The photo type is used to add photos to specific sections in reports, for example a client logo is used on the report title page.



Projects that are no longer active can be archived rather than deleted if that is preferred.

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