Update header - new sensors added to the data file

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If the logger output table changes for a .DAT file you must update the Header in db.robot.c to add the new columns to the database.

The changes can be any of the following:

  • Column(s) added to the data file
  • Column(s) removed from the data file
  • Column order changed in the data file
  • Column(s) have been assigned to a new variable in the data file
  • Or any combination of the above.

db.robot.c checks for number of columns and stops importing if the number of columns in the data file does not match the database. If column order is changes but the same amount of columns is the same then db.robot.c will continue to import the data and wrong data will be imported into those columns. Important is to do an Update Header as soon as column order is changed.

It is a good practice to backup the database files before Update Header is performed. If anything goes wrong then this process cannot be reverted.

Copy .FRM, .MYI and .MYD of the table in questions \Vista Data Vision\db.robot.c\data\mysql-5.6\data\vistavision_db

If the column names have changed and are not exactly the same then VDV will consider them new and import them as well. Make sure that the header names are the same for those columns that are not changing.

  • Make sure that the Column names are exactly the same on all columns that are not changing.
  • Go to db.robot.c > Edit > Update Header
  • Select the Site in question and click Update Header
  • If no error then db.robot.c will import new data and Invalid Data error will disappear.

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