Exporting site and unit lists from db.robot.c

Export Site List

Sites and variables can be exported from the VDV database with the Export Site function. The purpose of this is to get sites and variable ids' from the database. With the sites and variable ids, it's possible to import the alarms and virtual variables tables back into the system.

In db.robot.c, open File -> Export Site List

Select which Sites should be exported. Hold down Shift or Ctrl to select multiple sites. Check Include Variables to export all variables and their ids that are associated with the selected sites. If it is not selected, the names and ids of the sites will only be exported.

Finally, click Export and select where to save the .csv file.

Export Unit List

Export a unit list to make a backup of all units and their id in the VDV database.

In db.robot.c, go to File -> Export Unit List

A save dialog will appear to select where to save the .csv file.

After selecting the desired location, press Save.

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