Manual Import

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Manual Import

The Manual Data Import function is used to manually import data to a Site.

The most common uses cases for this function are the following:

  • Import missing data. If there is a communication issue with a device it can result in a data gap in VDV. If the missing data can be retrieved later then Manual Import would be used to import that data
  • Import historical data. In some cases a new data import in VDV might be created that only contains recent data. But backup files exist with older historical data for the site. Then that data can be uploaded to VDV using Manual Import.
  • Overwrite bad data. If there are issues with the imported data in VDV then that data can be exported, fixed and then re-imported using Manual Import.

From site setup screen, click the "arrow up" icon for the site to manually import data. To access this feature, the user has to have "Manual input edit" enabled

From there download a template file by clicking "Download Template File"

Select the date range and site variables to fetch example data for. Notice that it is possible to import data for either all variables belonging to the Site or just one or few variables.

If data is to be corrected then the date range for the template file should be selected to match the period of the bad data.

Modify the data in excel or the text editor of choice without changing the format of the file and save.

If new data records are being imported then delete the template data records from the file and add the new data records. Make sure that the timestamp is formatted in the same way as in the template file.

Go to the next step by clicking Skip this step and upload the modified file, the file name must be the same as the template file name

Press next and confirm that the correct file has been chosen and that the data has been parsed correctly with the preview table

Press next again and use the graph previews to verify that the import data is correct. Notice that all graphs must be reviewed before pressing Next.

Once all the graphs have been viewed the "next" button will be enabled, when clicked it displays the confirm screen

When ready, click "Import" and the update process will start. After a few seconds if the import was successful the user will be redirected back to the site setup screen.

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