The share feature is part of the Embed API component and can be freely used if it is installed. It can be used to publicly share content for a given duration.

The sharing options allows users to quickly share a specific dashboard or dashboard component with another user. When sharing an item in VDV the user receives a custom url that can be shared with anyone. The reciving user does not need to login to VDV to view the shared url.

Dashboard share

Whole dashboards can be shared by opening the sidebar and click the button to share the dashboard.

Dashboard Widget share

Individual widget can be shared by hover over it and clicking on the icon to share the widget.

New share

Clicking the share icon opens the New Share dialog. Name is automatically set on the same name as the content being shared with options to specify:

  • Expires after
    How long the share will be active for, it will expire at midnight on the date shown in Expires date.
  • Include Time Navigator
    Show the time navigator buttons with the share to allow viewing different time periods. If the time navigator is not included then the user will only be able to view the exact time period that is selected when the share is created.
  • Description
    Short description shown with the share. This is useful to include comments on anything specific that may be of interest in the shared item.

Clicking Save will generate and show a link to open the share.

Edit share

Clicking the share icon on an already shared content will bring up the edit dialog. It has the same options as the New share dialog but also shows the current share link.

The share link will be regenerated if the share has expired.

My shares

Under the User Profile a list of all Shares can be accessed.

It is possible to edit previously created shares, either to add a new description or to renew their time duration. It is also possible to delete shares.

The icon is shown if the share has expired.

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