Viewing Dashboards

When viewing a Dashboard, you have multiple options to work with the data. You can zoom in and out, download the data, download the graphs and change the Time Scale.. Dashboard settings. By clicking…

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Basic Control

Click on this button to hide the configurations and see how the Dashboard looks in Full Screen. Give the Dashboard a name. Select Owner for the Dashboard. Select height for the Dashboard. It is possi…

Andres Andresson
Updated 2 years ago by Andres Andresson

Configuring Dashboards

Basic Control. Setting up a new Dashboard. To create a new Dashboard, go to Setup > Dashboard and click on the icon. Give the Dashboard a name, an owner, and select if the height of the dashboard sho…

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The share feature is part of the Embed API component and can be freely used if it is installed. It can be used to publicly share content for a given duration. The sharing options allows users to quic…

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