Custom Alarms

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The Custom Alarm function in VDV lets you configure an alarm to be given

if the average, rate of change or sum of a variable over a chosen time period exceeds, is equal to or lower than the alarm limit chosen


if the latest value is higher, lower or equal to the chosen limit.


You can set up a new custom alarm by clicking Alarm > Custom Alarm > New

1. Choose your Variable by clicking the +Variable Button

2. Choose whether you want your alarm to be triggered by a value higher, lower than or equal to your alarm limit.

3. Choose your alarm limit.

3. Choose whether you would like your alarm to be triggered by the latest recorded value or the averagesum or rate of change over a chosen number of hours.

If Rate of Change is chosen: Check "Absolute Value" if you would like your alarm to be triggered only for a positive ROC value.

4. Give your Custom Alarm a name.

5. Choose the contact group which will receive the alarm messages.

If you have not configured a contact group go to Configuration > Contact Group Setup and create a contact group.

6. Alarm messages will be sent and repeated until the alarm is confirmed. Choose the number of minutes you would like to pass between repetitions. 

Check "Skip Off Alarms" if you choose not to be notified when the recorded value goes back out of the alarm range. 

7. VDV sets up a default message based on your configurations. It is possible to customize the message using the following merge fields:









8. Include an optional description. The description will not be included in the alarm message.

9. Check "Monitor" to turn on your Custom Alarm and start monitoring your chosen variable.

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