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To Access: Setup -> Contact Group

After a contact has been created they are added to a Contact Groups which are used to receive alarms and reports.

Add a new Contact Group

Click on the + icon in top right corner to add a new Contact Group.

  • Give the Contact Group a Name and select it's Owner
  • Send Messages when shift starts and ends: If activated the VDV will send out Email when there is a shift change. Shifts can be configured on the VDV Server.
  • Send Reminder Message once a Day: This option will send the Contact Group en email once a day at the select hour (Reminder Hour).

Add Contacts to Contact Group

For each Contact Group it is possible to Edit it, Add contacts or delete it.

By clicking on the Contact icon (middle Icon) users can add Contacts to the Group.

  • Add Contacts by selecting them and click on the Right Arrow.
  • Remove Active from Contacts and they will not receive any emails.

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