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The Datasource SAA component enables Measurand SAA data to be imported directly into the VDV System. VDV will handle the conversion and import the data.


Navigate to Data Source: SAA by selecting Data Source -> SAA on the left-hand side menu in VDV.

The SAA menu will appear listing all SAA Sites already in VDV.

Click the + icon to create a new import.

  • Start by naming the Site (this is the site name that will be visible all throughout VDV)
  • Choose the Owner of the data.
  • Choose Single File in File Structure
  • Choose the correct format of the file to add
  • Choose the Location of the calibration file
  • Open the folder and select the correct File
    • Select the eye icon to see the data file content
  • Click next to continue with the setup

If for some reason VDV is not connected to the internet or if the Measurand FTP server is not responding, the calibration file needs to be uploaded manually

An overview of the converted data will be displayed for the user to review.

Keep in mind that the final calibration has not been added to the data and this data presentation is of the raw data, meaning there could be some errors that are corrected in the next steps.

To complete the data import, save the SAA settings.

No data will be imported into VDV until the SAA settings have been saved.

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