Viewing Burst Data

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VDV Burst Data imports both event and background data, and that data can then be easily viewed using a web interface.

Time Series (Background Data)

This is the default view for VDV Burst Data. The data is organized into projects, and the user can switch between projects that he has access to by using the drop-down list in the top right corner.

The tabs change between different project information.

When viewing Time Series, the user sees one graph per channel. Here, the graphs have been configured to display the data as points (columns are also an option), and the graphs have also been configured to display the threshold and alarm limits.

The user can easily change the graph scale and scroll through the data using the arrow buttons at the bottom. If the project is configured with Auto Reduce Data, then the data is automatically summarized based on the selected scale. For example, when viewing long periods such as 6 months, the data is reduced to show the maximum value every day instead of showing all the raw data that could be stored as fast as every second.

Suppose the Project has multiple units, then the user can select which unit he wishes to view by using the drop-down list in the top right corner. The user also has an option to show all the units simultaneously.


The user will see a tooltip with information about the plots by hovering over the plots.

Event Data

The user has access to a list of all the events that have been triggered. The same options as for the Time Series data are available here. The user can change the scale and scroll the data, and the user can also choose to have the table show data from only a specific unit in the project or all units in the project.

For each event, the user has the following options:


Here the user has chosen to view an event. The plots show the captured event data, and the user can scroll between events by using the arrow buttons at the top. 

Flags are created in VDV Burst Data -> Edit -> Event Category

The user can view the data in a single graph with the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Frequency Overview

The Frequency Overview shows an overview of all events for a selected time period. The Frequency Overview XY plot also shows the selected Project Standard.

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