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Data Update Alarm is a very useful tool in monitoring that data is being updated regularly. It is possible to monitor an entire site and specific variables within the sites allowing the user to define the data update limit needed to ensure nothing is missed.


It should be noted that only an Admin user can Configure the Data Update Alarm.

Data Update Alarm - Sites

Single Site Update

Monitoring an entire site is done right from the left-hand side menu in VDV under Update Overview.

Click on the ˅ to the right of the Site information, this will open up the Data Update Alarm setup.

Select the edit button

Select the Data Update Limit, contact group and check the Monitor box if the Site should be monitored, and click save.

Bulk Site Update

It is possible to use Bulk update to set up Data Update alarms:

At the top select the ... button to open the Data Update Alarm setup.

On the left-hand side, the Update menu will appear, allowing the user to filter through the sites, A checkbox in front of the sites will appear allowing the User to select what sites to Update.

Select the Data Update limit, assign a Contact Group and check the Monitor box to activate the Alarm.

Once the Data Update Alarm has been assigned to a Site it will appear either red, indicating that an alarm is present or green indicating that the site is being monitored and that there is no Data Update Alarm present.

Date Update Alarm - Variables

Monitoring Variables within the site can be very valuable and allows the user to set many different alarms within the Site.

To navigate to the Variable setup click on the ˅ at the end Site information bar

The Variable Data Update Alarm menu will open up, click on the + button to select the Variable that the data update alarm will be assigned to from the drop-down list of variables that will appear.

Next, assign the Data Update limit and click save.

Editing and re-editing the Data Update alarms can be done right from this menu, to edit the Data Update Alarm for the whole site select the edit symbol (shown in the blue box).


Viewing the Data Update is done in the same place as the setup, navigate to Update Monitor under the left-hand side menu in VDV.

A list with all the sites in the system will be shown, a red color will indicate that an alarm is present and the green color will indicate that the data update is within the defined limits.

If there is an alarm on Variables but not the Site, the name of the variable will be shown within the brackets behind the name as in the picture above.

By opening up the Variable menu it is possible to view the last Data update on the Variable that is triggering the Data Update Alarm.

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