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Viewing Historical Data

To view historical graphs, select Historical Data from the main menu in VDV.

A Historical Data menu will open up on the left side, where the user can select which graph from which site to view.

  1. Filter option to quickly find the Site/Page needed.
  2. On the left side, all sites and pages are visible. Click on each page to view the Graphs.
  3. Change the Scale and Scroll back and forth in the data. Use the calendar icon to choose a custom period.
  4. An Alarm counter shows how many Alarms have been triggered for the displayed variables for the period (1 week in this case). If clicked, then a list of all Alarms is displayed.

If the  is clicked, a menu will appear on the right, with table-view, download data and other features. The options depend on the user's access permissions.

At the top, users can change the length of the scroll. The default is to scroll the same length as the scale. However, users can change this to any value used when scrolling back and forth in the data.

Here users can change to table-view, save data to a text file and view analyzing tools like Overlay Graph, Diurnal and Wind Roses.

To view each graph in full-screen mode, select the full-screen icon in the top-right corner.

On graphs with more than one variable, it is possible to toggle one variable off by clicking on it, both in full screen and compact mode.

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