Creating a new project

Create a new Project

Projects are used to group all project data, which makes all access control easier. When you assign a Project to an User then all data and visualization connected to that Project become available.


Import data

Use the Data Source to import the data into the VDV database

Using Data Source

Create Contacts and Contact Groups

Contacts can receive email/text messages with alarms and reports. You can create any number of Contacts and Groups. When configuring Alarms or Reports you choose which Group you wish to send the notification to.

How to create Contacts

How to create Contact Groups

Create Virtual Variables (VV)

Use VV to create a new calculated variable which can be used as any other variable in VDV. VV is used when sensor calibration or offset is needed.

How to create Virtual Variables

Configure Alarms

With Alarms then VDV will send you email or text messages if any sensor reaches a pre-defined Alarm limit.

How to configure Alarms

Create Real Time Display (RTD)

Use RTD to view live data on top of a static Image such as project photo, cross section or a map.

How to setup Real Time Display

Create Dashboard

Dashboard is great to create a project or station overview. It can include all project data in a single dashboard.

How to configure Dashboards

Create GIS

Not all project require GIS but it is very common. Add your graphs, RTD, Dashboard, Displacement Graphs, Burst Data or Webcam to the GIS map easily.

How to configure GIS

Create Custom Login page

It gives a nice touch to have a dedicated login page for each project or client. However, that is not always needed.

Setup->Login Page

Create Project Report

Let VDV send stylish automatic report to your Contact Group

How to setup Reports

Create User accounts

Finally, create a new User account (or modify existing) to give access to the new project.

Setup-> User Setup

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