License Overview

License overview enables users to see a general overview of their projects usage.

The license overview generates daily statistics of each project within VDV. Users can for example see how many variables each project is using and see how a project grows over time.

Different items in VDV have Token values associated with them. For each project the number of items is multiplied by their token value to get the project token usage.

The License Overview is not visible to regular users by default, Admin users can give users access to view the License Overview trough the user setup. This allows project managers to monitor their Project token usage.

Users will only see the projects that they have access to within the License Overview

The License Overview can be viewed by navigating to Setup->License Overview

The overview table displays all available projects, their license type and current Token Status/Token Limit.

Users can get a more detailed information about a project usage by navigating to the project trough the information button

In the details view users can view the usage per project of individual items by clicking on different items. This is useful to see how each item compares to the total usage of the project.

Hovering over a series in the graph will display the usage at that particular time in the usage table.

If a project has been assigned a "Token Limit" it will display on the project graph as a red dotted line

The time controls can be used to view project usage data for different time periods.

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