User interface

User interface

The VDV user interface can be broken down into a few items, a Side menu,Header menu and a View

Side menu

The side menu is used to navigate to different features within VDV. Menu items are categorized by their functionality, keeping the menu organized.

Clickin on a category will expand or minify that catagory

Some menu items include a sub menu, the sub menu is used to navigate to a perticular item within the selected feature.

The sub menu has a filter option to make it more easier to navigate

Header menu

The header menu contains usefull information as well as allowing the user to quickly navigate to different parts of the VDV system.

The items are:

  • Project filter - FIlter the VDV system by a selected project
  • Global Search - Quickly search for items within VDV
  • Alarm Overview - Displays a dropdown menu of all active alarms
  • Settings - Access the settings of various items within VDV
  • User setup - Quickly access your user setup to change your user information
  • Bookmarks - View and navigate bookmars that the user has created

The settings menu contains all settings for VDV. The menu only displays settings that the user has access to.

The settings menu can be found within the Header menu

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