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The Project filter was added to VDV following the change from Owner to Project that happened in May 2022. This allows users with large systems to more easily view each project without having information from other Projects in the component list with it.

The default view in VDV is that Users see all items they have access to in alphabetical order under each component. This means that administrators and project managers see items belonging to all projects that they have access to. For Large systems, this can be challenging and time-consuming to find a specific item. For example Site, Dashboard, Virtual Variable, etc, since the user will have to browse through potentially hundreds or thousands of items.

The Project Filter makes VDV easier to use and organize, this is done by allowing users to select a specific project from a list of all projects that they have access to.

To Use the Project Filter select from the menu

When the Project Filter has been applied every view in VDV will only show items belonging to that specific project. This will be a great time saver in many instances.

The project filter will also pre-select all Project selections when a user is creating a new item, for example Dashboard. When a Project Filter is active a new Dashboard will automatically be connected to the selected Project.

Users will still be able to select to view All Projects and then all views in VDV will show all items that the user has access to, just as before.

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