Updating VDV with the store in offline mode

VDV update with the store offline This is a guide for updating VDV when the store feature cannot connect to the component server

  1. Navigate to the store in the left-side menu.
  2. The store will try to contact the VDV component server. If it's unsuccessful, the store will go into offline mode. There users can create a component file or upload an installation file.
  3. Press the Create file button to create the component file, and a save dialog will open up.
  4. Send the newly created component file to vdv-support@bentley.com.
  5. There will be a reply containing a zip file. If the file is too big to send via email, information on where to download the file from will be included.
  6. Drag the zip file into the box on the right, or browse to the zip file location and select the zip file.
  7. After the file has been read, a list of components to install will appear.
  8. Press install; an installation progress window appears. After the updates have been installed, the page will refresh, and the progress window will disappear.
  9. VDV has now been updated.

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