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Quick View is a useful feature to quickly check values for variables in a site. In Quick View you can see table values, graphs, active alarms and alarm logs.

Quick View also offers a quick setup for SAA/Displacement installations. With Quick View SAA you can see both axis for the SAA, quickly configure the baseline, calculation types and you can also see the time series for individual segments of the SAA.

Using Quick View

You start by going into Quick View in the left menu.

There you can select your site and view the data for it. Down in the bottom left you can select the time period or manually select dates.

Configuring SAA Quick View

To configure a site to have a SAA Quick View go to Setup -> Quick View.

There you can set a site as a SAA site for Quick View and edit its setup.

Once in setup, you can configure the length of the array and which variables correspond to which axis.

First step is to enter your characters for the wildcard search, by default it's _*_ , which means that it will look for the axis name in-between two underscores.

In the demo site, the axis names are _d*_ .

Then the next step is to set the position/depth/length of the array. This is done by changing the "position" field to your segment length.

In the demo case the segment length is 0.5 meters.

Next you scroll down and click "Update".

This will both create two displacement graphs for you in the Displacement Graphs view and also configure the site as an SAA type in Quick View.

In Quick View you can configure which variables you want to be displayed in the Time Series and you can also configure your view for the Quick View Displacement Graph.

Changing the view in Quick view will not change settings in the Displacement Graph

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