Total Stations

Total Stations are powerful measurement tools allowing users to gather measurements in 3 planes.

The Total Station Data Source component enables direct access to Total Station Servers and imports data directly into VDV.

This component requires a license. Please get in touch with VDV support at for a license.  


Leica - GeoMoS

A new Data Source feature for direct import from Leica GeoMoS has been released. Using the API connectivity of Leica GeoMoS, users can now connect directly to their GeoMoS server and import projects directly into VDV.

Set up Leica Server Start by navigating to Total Stations through the left-hand menu in VDV, Data Source -> Total Station.

To add a Server to VDV, click on the Servers button in the top right corner.

Select the + icon to add a new Server and select Leica GeoMoS

The Setup window for Leica GeoMoS will open.

Fill in the Name, Address, Port, API Key (optional) and select an owner.

Test the connection by clicking on the Connect button to ensure that everything is filled in correctly and click save. 

The new server should be visible in the Servers list and ready for usage. To navigate back to Project Setup, press the back arrow button in the top right corner.  

Once in the Project Setup, click the plus button, which opens the Add Project setup. Then select the newly created server and select a project. A list of points that are in the project will be shown. Then click Save. Any new Point added to the project will be automatically imported into the VDV System.

The Project is now visible under the Project list in Data Source -> Total Station.

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