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We are almost done Installing VDV on your server. You need to finish couple of items to complete the installation process

Install Tasks

Follow this article to install all background tasks on the server.

Installing Scheduled Tasks

Open Port

On the server port 80 or 443 needs to be open to allow web traffic to the server. It is highly recommended to install SSL certificate on the server as well.

Public IP

If the VDV system should be accessible from outside the network then a public IP address needs to be assigned to the server.


Configure db.robot.c.exe to run as a Service once the VDV system is configured and ready to go. This will allow the system to run even though no user is logged in.

Got ot db.robot.c->File->Run as a Service

Mail Server

Go to db.robot.c->Edit->Mail server and configure the mail server that should be used to send out email notifications from VDV.

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