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Create Displacement Graph

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  1. Go to Setup -> Displacement Graph
  2. Click +  to create new Displacement Graph
  3. Click  to add variables to the Graph.
  4. # Select Site where the data is stored in
    # Select the Baseline reading
    # Click Select Variables to add Variables to the graph
    # Use the controls on the right hand side to set the location of each Variable.

Configuration Tab

# Initial Depth is optional. It will add an Anchor to the graph.

# Reference Point (Bottom/Top) is used to tell VDV where to start to calculate the Cumulative movement. Bottom=Largest Number, Top=Smallest number

Presentation tab

# Choose Graph type.

Displacement Cumulative = VDV Calculates Cumulative Displacement and subtracts the baseline reading

Displacement Incremental = Incremental Displacement where the baseline is subtracted

Deviation Cumulative = VDV Calculates Cumulative Displacement but does not subtract the baseline reading

Deviation Incremental = VDV Displays the data as it is without any calculations.

# Optional is the set the Depth and X Scale

# Optional is to change how many plots are shown on the graph. Default is to show Latest 10 plots.

Alarm Tab

# Possible to add multiple alarm limits and choose custom colors and line width.

# Note: If Monitor: Alarm Limits is not checked then the lines will be shown on the Graph but no alarms will be sent out.

Layers Tab

Limit Profile

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