Users in VDV

Users in VDV are anyone who has access to the system, this can be an admin who controls the whole system all down to a view user that only has access to view a very limited part of the system.

Creating a new User

To create a user in the system an admin user will navigate through settings -> User

A list with all Users will appear, to create a new user select the + icon at the top-right corner

Add all basic information about the user along with some customizations (it can also be added that the user can Edit Personal Information allowing the user to add those later).

Also, add the User Role if the User has one.

To give the user access to the system select what Organization/Project he should have access to.

Give the user access to any needed features and components and click Save

Bulk Update to Users

It is possible to Bulk edit all users in the system

In the User Setup, select the edit icon in the top-right corner

Select the Users you want to bulk edit by selecting the checkmark in front of the users (once selected they will appear in a list at the bottom of the Bulk update window).

User Roles

User Roles can be added in VDV, this is very convenient for larger systems with many Users, these user roles can be anything from Project managers to View.

To create a User Role go to setup -> User Role

A list of all known User Roles in the system will show, to create a new User Role select the + icon in the top-right corner

Selecting the "Role controls Organization / Project access" will automatically add those to the user on login. Otherwise the access must be manually set for each user and the assignment only controls what is possible to assign there.

Select the Organization/Project and all the Features/Components the User Role should have access to.

Once the User Role has been saved it will appear in the dropdown window under User Role in the main User setup.

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