The Prism component in VDV allows users to define prisms by selecting its North, East and Height variables. VDV will then automatically calculate all related values on the fly. Prisms can then be viewed in a dedicated Prism Viewer and added to GIS.


To view Prisms navigate to on the left-hand side menu in VDV.

On the right-hand side of VDV a settings window will open up.

Select what Prisms/PrismGroup to Display, the layout and the enabled graphs to display, and click confirm.

To select prisms click on 'Select prism' button, below popup will be shown up. Select prisms to display on viewer or to add those to create a new prism group.

All the corresponding data will appear on the same graph so selecting 4 prisms will add 4 variables to each graph (one for each prism).

Each graph represents one movement/analysis and variables can be toggled on and off if the user selects to display multiple prisms but wants to take a closer look at one type of movement/analysis of the specific variable.

Select the scale needed either with the drop-down menu or by using the date picker as shown above.


To set up Prisms navigate to Settings -> Prisms in the left-hand side menu in VDV.

Under the + sign you can search through your sites to set up a new Prism.

Select an owner from the drop-down list and all sites corresponding to that owner should appear in the list below. The Filter can be a useful tool in larger systems.

Select the corresponding variable to North/East/Height and click Save.

When importing prims data in individual data files it is possible to define multiple prisms simultaneously. Select all Sites in the site list that have the same prism definition. Select the North, East, and Height variable, and VDV will automatically use those variable names in all selected Sites to generate prisms.

After defining prisms they can be further configured.

By default, the generated prisms will have the same name as the Site they were created from. Type in a new name to customize it.

  1. Adjust the angle of the Prism if needed.
  2. To add a definitive reference position click on the plus sign

Select the definitive reference point, click Add, and finally save the Prism.

Use save and next when setting up multiple prisms, as the next prism will automatically open for the user to select a DRP.
It is possible to select more than one definitive reference point for example if two are selected first one with the date 1.1.20 and the second one 1.6.20 all the data between 1.1.20 and 1.6.20 uses the first DRP and the data thereafter uses the second one.

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