Alarm Overview

Alarms are shown as Active Alarms and Unactive Alarms. Active alarms are all alarms that are currently active. They need to be confirmed by clicking the Confirm button in the end of each line. It is…

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Configure Alarms

Alarms are a powerful feature that simplifies the operation of a network of dataloggers and eases the workload of the operators. Setting up alarms simple. Before setting up alarms a Contact has to be…

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Alarm Log

To access: Log > Alarm Log Select Site to see all alarms for that Site and select Variable to only view alarms for that single variable. Click on the zoom icon to view what was happening when the ala…

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Custom Alarms

Custom Alarm. The Custom Alarm function in VDV lets you configure an alarm to be given if the average, rate of change or sum of a variable over a chosen time period exceeds, is equal to or lower than…

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Data Update Alarm

The Data Update alarm is a feature that allows for easier monitoring of incoming data and notifies the user within the set time if data is not being received by VDV. Configuring Data Update Alarm. To…

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