Future data imported into VDV

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In rare occasions data sources can produce erroneous data with future timestamp that is imported into the VDV database.

db.robot.c is designed to know what timestamps already have been imported into the database and will not import new data unless the timestamp is newer then the latest timestamp in the database. When data with future timestamps have been imported into the database this becomes a problem because no new data will be imported until that date has passed.

There is a three step solution to this problem:

  1. Fix the data source and make sure that the raw .dat files does not have any future dates in it.
  2. Go to db.robot.c > Data Handling > Delete Data From Station
    Select From and To dates from the Date Picker and make sure that the future data is within that range and delete the data
  3. Go to db.robot.c > Data Handling > Change Last Timestamp
    Change the Latest Timestamp to date and time prior to the latest that that is correctly in the database.

db.robot.c will import all data in the raw .dat file that is newer the configured Latest Timestamp.NOTE: The Data Handling feature is only available in VDV 2016 and later

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