Rolling Alarms

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With this feature it is possible to configure a rolling alarm with both single or multiple conditions separated by conditional operators, AND and OR. If the equation will evaluate to true for the selected time period, then the alarm threshold will be triggered. 

  1. To set up a new rolling alarm select Setup -> Custom Alarm and select the plus icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Multi Condition checkbox in the upper right corner and the rolling alarm checkbox will appear, click the Rolling Alarm checkbox and this will change the view in the browser window.

  1. Now click the plus icon in the center of the screen which will add a new condition.
  2. When a condition has been created it's possible to select a variable by clicking the "Select Variable" button on the condition, which will open the default VDV Variable Selector. It's also possible to change the arithmetic operators by clicking the operator, available operators are <, =, >. Finally, adjust the alarm limit for that condition before creating a new one.
  3. Add a new alarm condition by clicking on the plus button again or when hovering over a condition two more plus button will appear on the left and right side of that condition. By clicking on either of those a new alarm condition will be added before or after that condition. Using this method allows conditions to be added in-between a large set of conditions.
  4. When the second condition has been added a conditional operator is separating the two conditions. Simply click the operator (default AND) to change it.
  5. Repeat steps 3 through 6 to add all the conditions needed for the alarm.
  6. To remove a condition from the alarm Ctrl-Click the condition (it will change to color green) and click the button with the trash bin and that will remove the selected condition. One or more conditions can be removed at once.
    Note: By selecting two conditions that are not next to one another all conditions between them will be selected
  7. By adding parentheses, the order of operations can be modified. Ctrl-Click the conditions and click the button with the "(X)" label and that will wrap the selected conditions in parentheses.
  8. Now enter the time period into rolling hours and the number of hours that would exceed the threshold for an alarm to be triggered into exceedance.
  9. Finally, give the alarm a name and select a contact group, adjust the delay or repeat if needed. Also, change the alarm email template if required and Save. 

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