View GIS

To Access: Go to Menu -> GIS 

GIS Menu

In  the top-right corner users can choose different options.

  1. Markers: List of all markers on the GIS. Simple to filter out specific markers.
  2. Layers: List of all layers on the GIS. Simple to show/hide specific layers.
  3. Tools: Optional tools. Measure distance, take snapshot, create Contour plot and Show lables.
  4. Alarms: List of all Alarms
  5. Information: GIS Description which is added in the GIS setup.


When the Marker icon is clicked the a list of all Markers will be shown. 

  • Simple is to use the Filter to search for specific marker.
  • Click on the Icon of each Marker Type to Hide/Show all markers
  • Click on any Marker name to show the data


Hide/Show GIS Layers.

If Layer has been configured to allow Layer information then Users can click on a layer to show the Layer information.

Layer information shown

3. Tools

If activated then a Measurement button () will appear on the left-hand side and Users can measure distance between 2 or multiple

If activated then the Label of each marker will be shown. Possible is to show the Values as well. 

If clicked on the Snapshop button  then a screenshot of the GIS will be saved to the user computer.

Select sensors

Note: This works only for Variable markers.
If clicked on the selection icon then the user can circle around markers that he wished to choose. 

After selecting the user can 

  • click View button to view Graph with all selected variables.
  • Click Contour to create a custom Contour plot for selected variables.
    • Choose Min, Max and Click Generate.

4. Alarms

List of all Alarms on the GIS map will be shown and can be confirmed.