Update to VDV2018

VDV2018 supports latest version of Interner Explorer 11 which was released in 2013. Older versions of Internet Explorer (IE 6,7,8,9,10) are not supported as they are no longer supported by Microsoft.

For best experience we recommend latest version of Chrome and Firefox.

In VDV2018 a new login page is added. A built in login page editor is in the web interface where a background image, company logo and description can be added.

If you have a highly customised login page you will need to recreate it.

It is extremely important to make a backup of your system (step 5) 

Give Users full access to the Vista Data Vision folder so the VDV Store will work properly. Right Click > Properties > Security > Edit > Users > Full Control

Update Duration should be around 30-60 minutes

Before Update

The following must be ready before update starts:

  • New product keys
  • Update files
  • Company logo (transparent .png recommended)
  • Login Page Background photo (Optional, size 300kb or less recommended for faster loading time)

Update Instructions

  1. Read over the instructions carefully before starting the update procedure.

  2. Make sure VDV db.robot.c and db.web.browser are not running as service.
    Note: We shutting down the service go to File > Run db.robot.c/db.web.browser as a Service and uncheck the Run as service box. Do not stop the service through Task Manager:

  3. Close all VDV Applications. This includes db.robot.c, db.web.browser and db.data.browser.

  4. Terminate mysqld.exe in task manager. Locate the mysqld.exe in the Process tab in Task Manager and click on End Task:

  5. Make a backup of the entire Vista Data Vision folder.

  6. Rename the vdv_www folder located under /Vista Data Vision/db.web.browser/ to vdv_www_2018_UPDATE_BACKUP

  7. Copy the contents of VDV2018-Update folder into /Vista Data Vision/ overwriting all files in the process.

  8. Update IIS with PHP7

  9. Run and db.robot.c as administrator and register with provided product keys.

  10. Once the database update has finished, then run db.web.browser as administrator and register with provided product keys.
    The vdv_www_2018_UPDATE_BACKUP folder should in a couple of seconds/minutes automatically change to  vdv_www_2018_UPDATE_BACKUP_COMPLETE

  11. Run db.data.browser as administrator and register with provided product keys.

  12. Set an Admin User: The updated VDV system requires an Admin user. Admin users have access to ALL features of VDV including the new VDV store where it is possible to update the system and add new components. It is only possible to create Admin users or update Admin users in the User Setup in db.web.browser.
    Go to db.web.browser > Configure > Access Control > User Setup. Choose a user which you would like to set as an admin user. Click edit on that user.  Check admin and click save. It is possible to have more than one Admin User. (Non-Admin users are only created and edited in the VDV Web Interface) It is possible to have more than one Admin User.

  13. Edit Login Page: The update changes the login to the default VDV login page. To change the default login page, go to to the VDV Web Interface > Menu > Setup > Login Page. There you can edit the current default login page with your own logo and/or background.

  14. Edit the system logo:  After the update it is needed to update the System logo which appears in top-left corner. Go to db.web.browser > Configure > Web Site Setup > Change Web Page Logo.

    Large Logo: 220px wide x 60px height or smaller
    Small Logo: 42x42px  (this logo appears when the Menu is minimised)

After Update

After the update the attributes for the Dashboard have changed a little bit so we recommend to go over the settings of each Dashboard and fix the height and width of each item if needed.