Setting Up Alarm Attachments

About Alarm Attachments

Alarm Attachments are configured for each site and give users a more in depth knowledge of changes in a variables preceding alarm notifications.

Note: Alarm Attachments can not be configured for Custom Alarms.

Note: Visit this article on Alarm Setup if you have not yet set up your alarms.


It is possible to get an alarm attachment as a graph or table. 

Graph: A screenshot showing the variable indicator on a graph.

Table: A table showing the timestamp and the latest values.


Setting Up Alarm Attachments

1. Go to Setup > Alarm > Click the edit symbol for the chosen site.

2. Find the Alarm Attachments settings on the bottom of the Alarm Setup page.

3. Choose up to two contact groups, Client and Maintenance. 

4. Repetitions can be sent to all contacts within each contact group at the same time, one at each repetition in a sequential order or no repetitions at all.

5. Check "Disable NaN Alarms" if you wish not to receive alarms for non numerical values.

6. Check the type of attachments you would like to receive and set the time interval you would like your attachments to show.

7. Click Save.