Receive Alarm Emails As Text Message

When Vista Data Vision (VDV) is running on a physical server it is possible to connect a mobile modem to the server and send out alarm messages as text message.

VDV users are increasingly running the software on cloud servers where it is not possible to connect mobile modem to the server.

In that case we suggest users to use services like TextMagic or Tnz. Also the major cellular carriers offers services like that where they use the format for SMS to text capable cell phones.

After users have access to a service that allows emails to be converted into text message the user can add the text message email to its contact:



When an alarm message is sent to that contact he will receive email and text message to the number +354(Country number for Iceland) 123 4567.


NOTE: The VDV Mail Server has an return mail address which has to be allowed in the text message service. When the service receives email from valid email address it converts the email to text message for a small fee.