Real Time Graphs

Open (C:/Vista Data Vision/

Go to Edit menu and click Page Setup. Locate the File, name it and click next.

In Vista Data Vision data is categorized into Sites and Pages where each Site can contain many pages.

Locate the Site we just Imported, Click New Page and name your Page. Finally Click New Graph.

Name your Graph and double click on the Variable you want to add to the Graph or use the Arrows.

There are a lot of configurations that can be done on each Graph, here is an example of what we did.

In Variable Setup tab we changed the Color of the Line and the Width to 3

In Y-Axis:Left we set the Scale To Manual and set Lower Limit to 0 and Upper Limit to 360 so our Wind Direction Graph will always have a fixed Axis.

Go to the Help file to read about each configuration.

Help menu » Help. In the Help File open
Page Setup » Graphs

Click Save.

Create couple real time graphs and Click View » Graphs 

On the Left hand side select our Site and Our new Graphs will show up.

  • Click on the Graph to Enlarge it.
  • Change the Scale at the top
  • Scroll Back and Forth in the data (arrows right next to the Scale).