No Graphs Showing In Historical View

Connection to db.web.browser was interrupted.Server does not reply. Please try later.


If this is the error you see when trying to view Historical Data in VDV then you need to change the TCP/IP port db.web.browser uses.

  1. Go to db.web.browser->Configure->Configure
  2. Change the TCP/IP port to a different number. For example 51166

  3. Finally you need to edit \Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\vdv_www\ and change $My_port to the same number.

    NOTE: In VDV 2018 the is located at \Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\vdv_www\components\vdv\core\view and it is possible that the file is scrambled then simply copy paste the following in the file to update the port (make a copy of the before just in case):

    $My_server = "localhost";
    $My_port = 51165;

Couple of years ago VDV systems running on a Virtual Machine as a service sometimes got the TCP/IP ports blocked after each restart. This happen after some unidentified OS updates from MS. The following points fix that issue:

  • Locate vdv_db.web.browser in Services. Right Click and select Properties (First follow earlier instructions and make sure Historical Graphs are working as they should):

  • Set up delayed start on the db.web.browser service

  • Assigned Log On user to the service:
    When assigning Log On user to service the service needs to restart and it usually takes few tries until it successfully restarts.

  • Set those configurations: