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  1. Alarm Limits on Graphs

  2. Step 4

    Take a look at the Basic Configuration for the web interface. ...
  3. Create a Contact and a Contact Group

  4. Setting Up Custom Alarms

  5. Virtual Variables

  6. Creating a Real Time Display

  7. Creating a Real Time Display

  8. Update to VDV2018

    VDV2018 supports latest version of Interner Explorer 11 which was released in 2013. Older versions of Internet Explorer (IE 6,7,8,9,10) are not supported as they are no longer supported by Microsoft. For best experience we recommend latest version ...
  9. Update to PHP7

    When updating to VDV2018 you need to configure the Internet Informational Services (IIS) to use PHP7 instead of PHP5.2: For VDV2018 and PHP7 to operate, the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 needs to be installed. Download and ex...
  10. Add a new File

    To start to send a new data file simply click Add New File  in the bottom-left corner. File Structure The application supports both a single file format or incremental file format. With incremental file format you get a new data file ...