Multiple Login Pages

VDV login page can be customized with new logo, background color and information text. In db.web.browser (Configure / Web Page Setup / Login Page Setup) is an Editor to change the look and feel of the login page.

When hosting data for different customers it could be a good idea to have different login pages for each one with special information and logo. This can easily be done with few simple steps.

  1. Create the first login page in the Editor. When satisfied make a copy of the index.html file located in /Vista Data Vision/vdv_www/index.html and store it under a different name in vdv_www folder. For example pepsi.html
  2. Open the Editor and customize the second login page. Once done repeat the first step and copy it and store it under different name. For example cocacola.html

  3. Do step 1 as often as needed for each customer. Now tell your customers to access their custom login page. For example

Edit the login pages

There are two ways to edit the custom made login pages. If you have some html experience then go for option 2, if not then option 1.

  1. The VDV Editor will always edit the index.html page which is the default page. To edit any other page rename index.html to index2.html and then rename the login page you wish to edit to index.html. Open the Editor and change the page and then rename it to the correct name (and index2.html to index.html).
  2. Open the login page in a text editor (notepad ++, textpad) and configure the text and layout as needed.


In the description box it is possible to use HTML tags to make the content look better. Here are example of the most common used.

<strong>Bold text in between strong tags</strong>


<u>Underlined text</u>


<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Link to VDV page</a>

target=”_blank” will open the page in a new tab rather than the same window