Installing CSI data source

Before using Data Source CSI then a few manual steps are needed after the component has been installed from the VDV Store. It is recommend that an IT person make these changes.

Edit php.ini

  • Open php.ini (located by default under C:\Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\php7\) in notepad or another text editor
  • Change line: remove ; at the start of the line ;extension=php_ftp.dll
  • Change Line: remove ; at the start of the line ;sys_temp_dir = "/tmp"
  • Change the temp dir path
    change "/tmp" to "C:\Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\php7\upload_temp"
    (If Vista Data Vision is installed under a different location then modify the path accordingly)
  • Save the file
    This is to enable FTP access to VDV

Duplicate php.ini

  • Duplicate php.ini file that is located in C:\Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\php7\ (duplicate the file by copying and pasting it into the php7 folder, the new file will be named php - Copy.ini)
  • Rename the duplicated php - Copy.ini file to php_threaded.ini

Edit php_threaded.ini

  • Open php_threaded.ini
  • Add extension=php_pthreads.dll after the extension=php_ftp.dll line
  • Save the file

Add a Scheduled task

  • Note! If Vista Data Vision is not installed under C:\Vista Data Vision\ then the Task Import file must be modified.
    Open in Notepad the file VDV - CSI.xml located under \Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\background_tasks\core\datasource_csi\
    Change the path in from C:\Vista Data Vision\ to the path where Vista Data Vision is installed in the Command and Parameter fields
    Save the file
  • Next open Task Scheduler from the Windows Menu and select Action->Import Task
  • Navigate and open \Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\background_tasks\core\file_import\VDV - CSI.xml

  • Select the user to run the task. Click the Change user or Group... button to select the user.
  • Click OK to finish the Setup of the Task (type in Username and Password if required)

The File Import Data Source has now been configured to run automatically on the server.

Restart IIS

Open IIS and click Restart to apply the PHP changes.

If running VDV on a different web server then apply a restart manually to your web server.